Datum: 28.01.2017

Vložil: Guy D.

Titulek: First Official Email hello from www.socalaca.org to https://www.acanorge.org !


My name is Guy and I am the webmaster for the Los Angeles ACA Website: socalaca.org.

We have conducted research on finding other ACA Websites around the USA and around the world and we found yours!

We just wanted to reach out to tell you that we exist and ask that you add our website to your links of other ACA Websites.

Also, we have the following to offer to you:

A. Over 30 ACA Readings at: https://www.socalaca.org/topic-readings/
B. Recorded ACA Speakers: https://www.socalaca.org/listen-aca-recorded-speakers/
C. Free ACA Literature: https://www.socalaca.org/literature/
D. Links to other ACA Websites: https://www.socalaca.org/aca-links/

We have also included flyers that we ask that you hand out to your meetings.

Please get back to us and and tell us what you have to share!

In Service,

Webmaster: www.socalaca.org
Email: guyisacacoda@hushmail.com

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